Lords mobile monster hunt chart

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Lords mobile monster hunt chart

A pie chart is made use of to demonstrate frequency within groups. Pie charts are frequently used in stats to show how numerous of a certain sort of variable happens within a particular choice. A histogram is the most frequently utilized chart to show frequency circulations. A histogram is similar to a vertical bar chart.

Monster Rotation

A histogram is equivalent to a bar chart. Broadly speaking, you presently have a pie chart for your input information, although it definitely requires a few improvements. At initially, pie charts look quite like bar chart. They are made up of bars, they are not bar charts. The 2 pie charts are attracted specifically the exact same window. Familiar skills list : lordsmobile Source : i. Histograms provide a visual analysis of mathematical information by showing the quantity of information points that lie within a range of values.

The ranged pie chart can be concerned as an innovative variant of the histogram chart that makes it possible for users to work with a non-numeric x-axis on the chart. Lords Source : i. For your information, there is another 26 Similar images of lords mobile monster hunt chart that Maxie Harber uploaded you can see below :. If you have any complain about this image, make sure to contact us from the contact page and bring your proof about your copyright image.

We will comply with all takedown requests. Home Free Chart lords mobile monster hunt chart. Related Posts. This website uses cookies to deliver its services, to personalize ads and to analyze traffic. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies.Cc si possible mettre le reste de monstres manquants merci et bravo pour tt c notes tres utiles. I wish you luck and encouragement with this guide!

I'd try to do similar, or help you, but my heroes have all sorts of different levels, grades, ranks and gearing which presents too many variables for me to deal with. I've been looking around for best teams for each monster including the P2W ones but it has been hard to find thorough information. Yes, it is difficult to find thorough information.

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I absolutely agree. It varies so much depending on all sorts of factors. Thank you so good for article writing After that, I have got the benefit and I have benefited. It will be the next pesto and the next will be yours. On the other hand, I and the rest of the people will be benefited after the next article. Those who hope in the episode will come in many ways.

And its website is attracted by Google's search engine. Thanks for lots of information on this article. Cheers For that! Post a Comment. Hunting Heros. January 14, I am aware these need updating. I am in the process of testing.

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Thank you for your patience! Labels heroes for hunting Monster Hunting. Labels: heroes for hunting Monster Hunting.

Unknown February 9, at AM. Anonymous February 15, at AM. T February 15, at PM. Anonymous May 3, at PM. Unknown March 15, at AM. Popular posts from this blog Darknest Rallies.As we all know, the monster hunt is one of the most important features in Lords Mobile.

You must join in a Guild to hunt monsters.

lords mobile monster hunt chart

After you defeating monsters successfully, each guildmate include you will get loot. You will stand a chance to get rare items and precious resources from them. Hunting monsters require energy to be spent. The energy costs of monsters are 3, units for level 1, 5, units for level 2, 8, units for level 3 and 14, units for level 4. Here the X stands for the number your damage is multiplied by. BlackWing is weak to physical damage and has high Magic damage defense, using heroes that do physical damage is the best route.

Use magic to bring it down before it decimates your troops! The Noceros is a tough creature! Use skills that deal Magic DMG to defeat it! Use your skills to deal Physical DMG to it before it can claim more victims!

The ruthless Hell Drider will attack the Hero with the highest max HP, dealing damage to other Heroes near its target as well. It is also protected by an energy shield, so send your strongest Heroes to destroy it! Use Magical Heroes to defeat it! The Mega Maggot 's mighty tail packs a massive sting! Its venom deals continuous damage, so remember to heal your heroes. Gargantua's skill can deal massive damage to its target and the Heroes nearby.

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You may need more Heroes that can recover HP to survive. Terrorthorn lashes its vine whips at Heroes, rendering them immobilized. It also blasts nearby Heroes with seeds, knocking them back. Survive its onslaught to kill this fearsome monster! The Snow Beast always targets the Hero furthest from itself.

It charges at the target with its enormous body and also causes all Heroes hit take damage over time. Use Heroes that can deal high damage against this fearsome beast! Use all Physical Damage Heroes to defeat this monster! The Voodoo Shaman is full of tricks! This rogue exudes a debilitating aura, and has the ability to petrify foes with its strange magic. Take it down with Physical attacks before your heroes succumb to its sinister spells!

This guide suited for the F2P player, these heroes can be instead of other heroes. If you have better advice, please comment below. Skip to content.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Search for: Search. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.The Gargantua is one of the better-looking monsters in Lords Mobile. The monster looks like he is angry, and unlike some of the other creatures in the monster hunt, he seems somewhat believable. I would not want to be stuck in a dark alley with the Gargantua heading my way…. Monster Hunting is math and logic. There is not much luck involved. It means that we can execute an effective plan for destroying them easily.

Of course, upgrading your heroes, buying Monster Gear and upgrading Monster Hunting research in the Academy will greatly help…. If you are a cavalry heavy player then the Gargantua will be one of the most important monsters in the game. You will pretty much save all of your energy refills for the 2 days when the Gargantua goes live….

Lords Mobile! Monster Hunting made easy.

The gear from the Gargantua will provide the bulk of the Cavalry Boost gear. The Fear Drums are also great for Gold Production! Each time you attack the Gargantua, you will get a prize in addition to the box that the entire guild will get upon killing it.

lords mobile monster hunt chart

The good news is that the Gargantuan Eye has a 7. Your email address will not be published. Marks Angry Review. Your Twitter Sucks without this!!! Are you a hog? Put it on Line!

Lords Mobile Monster Hunt – Ultimate Guide!

Spam to WhatsApp! Boring Button. Tweet this article or else! Put this article on Line!Lords Mobile Google Play Download. Lords Mobile App Store Download. Lords Mobile: Prepare to enter a world of chaos in Lords Mobile, a real-time, competitive strategy game. Build up your empire, collect exotic Heroes, train your troops, and battle your way to the top!

Destroy all who stand in your way to total domination! The world is yours for the taking in Lords Mobile! Night Mode! Day Mode! Hunting level self. Hello, Lords noob here. Is it better to always hunt the highest lvl monster you can if all you care about is forging their gear?

Lords Mobile on PC: The Ultimate Hero Guide

Its RNG. The more energy you hit the more mats you'll get However its really rare to get the rare materials from monster hunt hits.

lords mobile monster hunt chart

I've had good rng hunting one lvl 1 and dropping a white rare mat. So if you wanted to forge the gear from the monster your best choice is super dedicated hunting joining in on monster buses. Or the other option of purchasing the pack with materials. So even if it doesn't show white mats on the drop list the bottom of the monster screenyou can still get white from level 2 monsters?

As a guild, it helps to go for lower monsters due to the guild-wide rewards for a kill. For each kill, everyone gets a reward. If you can do it 20 level 1s with a single hit, that's 40 rewards. While max component rewards per kill are 4x for the next color, you rarely get them. Let's say you get the best color half of the time, that's 2x the rewards on average i think it is less in reality. But now factor in all the other members rewards.

That seems wrong?? It is actually impossible as there aren't that many L1s but shows how it builds up in ideal situation. In reality, L1 monsters are slow, and not being that many of them. So go for lowest possible monsters that are available, and don't overwhelm the max rewards before they get lost eg in an 8hr sleep period. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds.Monster Hunting in Lords Mobile is a big part of the game.

Most people think its random, but spoiler alert, they come out in the same order. First is the… Ha. It keeps changing every few months. As soon as I know the latest cycle I will add it here.

Thank you GianLupo90 from the comments. There are always two active monsters during the rotation. Another important thing to know is that the monsters that show up on the kingdom map will stay visible for 2 hours and 55 minutes. They will then disappear for 5 minutes. And then start the process again. Most of you play Lords Mobile as if your dreaming and so things that may be obvious to an actual player, will fly right over your head.

The monster Hunting Paid Packs rotate at the same timing as the monster rotation. I have an entire article dedicated to the right heroes to use for Monster Hunting. Check it out! You leave your existing guild for about mins and join a group.

The requirements are usually something like this:. But there are many different combos. Make sure that you understand them before you start.

They will expect you to show proof at the end. Code 66 is an event in which you can get monsters that hold resources. The good news is that you can hit them in one-hit. They are extremely weak. Your email address will not be published. Marks Angry Review. Your Twitter Sucks without this!!! Are you a hog? Put it on Line! Spam to WhatsApp! Boring Button. Tweet this article or else! Put this article on Line! Show your WhatsApp Group the truth!

This stupid button does nothing Mark is a serious journalist who, in spite of his genius, is one of the leading voices for change within the community of gamers and Lords Mobile. Change from boredom.

Change from mediocrity.

Lords Mobile Monster Hunting Guide: Best Hero Combination

And change from change itself.Monster hunting is an important part of Lords Mobile: You can level up your heroes and help your guildmates by completing them. Any player can start hunting monsters as long as they are in a guild. In this guide, we will tell you what Monster Hunt is, how to use this feature, and what to expect in return. The world map of your Kingdom is literally filled with monsters.

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They roam freely in the world and challenge heroes to attack them. Just like your heroes, they have levels. You can hunt them alone, but not just with one hero: You need to form a team of heroes to defeat them. There is only one requirement to hunt these monsters: You must be in a guild. Once you defeat a monster, you will get personal rewards.

Not only that, your guildmates will get some awards too. So, as long as you are in a guild, when some member kills a monster, you will also be rewarded. You can hunt only one monster at a time but it is possible to hunt the same monster over and over — they do not disappear from the World once you defeat them. Hunting the same monster is actually more advantageous because you get a damage boost in this case. However, being in a guild does not mean that you can hunt monsters anytime you want: Each hunt costs a different amount of energy according to the difficulty level of the monster.

Do not worry: There are ways to lower the required energy amount to attack monsters. In fact, you can even increase your energy amount. First of all, you need to construct an Academy. To be able to hunt monsters more efficiently, put points into these skills:. Remember that Monster Hunter skill is essential to attack higher level monsters.

As mentioned above, you need to form a team of heroes to attack monsters. Monsters are divided into two categories: First category needs physical damage and the other requires magical damage. First of all, open your world map, find the monsters, and click on the one you are planning to hunt. You will see the stats of that monster and what type of attacks it is vulnerable to. Each monster has a specific weakness and you need to form your team according to that.

To save you from hard work, here is a list of monsters and best heroes that counter them:. Note that we have picked a balanced team of heroes for each monster.


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